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Sonopanic invites recognition of the absurdity of key phrases and their delivery by media spokespersons through “these unprecedented times”.  

In attempting to make sense of emerging threats and crises we turned to the media to inform ourselves of the nature of these threats, and to help guide our response. The greater the threat, the more cluttered the broadcasting space became, with the global pandemic accounting for the greatest amount of noise and diverse opinion. A sense of disorientation ensued for many, with audiences tossed between key messages of alarm and calm; making it difficult to hear ourselves think.

Through revisiting a collation of spoken words from a distance we gain a different perspective on their use and impact. 

Red radio.jpg

Notional Sonopanic

Digital image

Notional Sonopanic definition

Digital image

Notional Sonopanic redefined

Digital images



Digital image and also as screenprint 74cm x 54cm

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